lousy smarch weather

The last day of March. A month that Pat O'Brien would just as soon forget (Betsy is soooo jealous).

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mistaken for nature

A dust storm blew through and quickly turned into a blizzard. An hour after I shot this the wind knocked out half of the already sad "hamburers" sign.

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Dear Diana

Shot these with my plastic camera. The OJ pic is part of a mural in Potrero Hill (where he grew up). It was cleverly defaced when I shot this. Unfortunate that someone saw fit to recently cover over his whole body with red paint. The horns were a much better statement.

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More photos by me (in honor of St. Patty).

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Been going through tons of slides recently. Here are some of the photos. A few new and a few old.

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Some recently scanned photos. A few new and a few old.

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