stripes and stripes forever

It's Memorial Day. Lots of flags, hot dogs and no work. Yay America!

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mouse and bear

If I went to this school I would never want to graduate because I'd want to stay on the playground and look at the mouse and bear all day. Or is it a squirrel? Does it matter? I'd still never leave.

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dogs and clowns

Two photos, hot from the camera. Big thanks to SF for having some great stuff to shoot.

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Took this one in Memphis about 6 years ago. I think it was on Summer Avenue, home to some of the most interesting signage in Memphis.

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may day

Welcome to the month of May. Here is a photo of a guy I took in Memphis. He insisted I take his picture. I usually don't take pics of people but in this case I obliged. April archives are sparse. My bad.

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