spidey in the bushes

The first time Spiderman made an appearance was in Amazing Fantasy #15. The last time Spiderman made an appearance was at a park on South Third Street in SF. Kids were jumping up and down inside of him. It wasn't pretty.

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american graffito

Graffiti actually expresses the plural of the word graffito. But, I don't know how to use the word graffito in a sentence. Here is a piece of graffito? Here is some graffito? No wonder the singular form has fallen into disuse.

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valley of the latter day dolls

Donny and Marie were at the flea market. They used to have a variety show. They also have two older brothers, Virl and Tom, who were born deaf.

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my wolf has fleas

Lycanthropy is the ability of a human being to undergo transformation into a wolf. Creighton Tull Chaney aka Lon Chaney Jr. had Yak hair glued to his face to become a wolf. Guess you wouldn't call that Lycanthropy, now would you?

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children and razor wire

All I want to know is, was the ride in this stroller a pleasurable one?

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welcome to boneville

Bones contain calcium (an element found in milk, broccoli, and other foods). Paper is made from cellulose (SELL-u-los), which is in plant fibers. Cutting down trees is not good for the planet.

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