soap opera

The word soap is usually used to describe a slippery cleaning mixture used for personal hygiene. The word opera really means "works" in Latin. By that rationale, "soap opera" really means "soap works". I would have to say I agree.

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Tri-nitro-toluene (A.K.A. TNT)

Before TNT was a song by AC/DC it was a flammable toxic compound. When treated with nitrate, toluene becomes an explosive. Cheap fireworks are a type of explosive. They are categorized as Class C explosives (a.k.a. "common fireworks"). There was nothing cheap or common about AC/DC when Bon Scott was singing.

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dragonville, florida

Went to "Florida's First Coast" (Jacksonville) with the wife a month or two back. Who knew I'd have to protect her from a Dragon? Or is it a Firedrake? So hard to tell these days.

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east bay day

What do a flea market and an oddly named apartment building have in common? Not a thing, except that they are in the East Bay. Yes, we travelled outside of SF for a day. Thanks Bay Bridge!

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