I wonder what the ratio of human hair to horse hair to synthetic hair is in one of these wigs? If someone bought me a wig from this shop I might cry. I may be in luck though, I'm not that bald and my friends aren't that cheap.

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Memphis, my old friend

Who needs to see a view of the Memphis skyline from Arkansas when you can see it in all it's glory painted on a wall on Elvis Presley Boulevard?

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Oh my darling...

There were 14 popes named Clement, 2 antipopes named Clement and a street in San Francisco named Clement. Then there is a song about Clementine, the daughter of a gold-rush era forty niner. And how could we forget about the oranges called Clementines? And then there were the Clementine oranges on Clement Street in San Francisco where the forty niners once reigned. I don't know if the antipopes had anything to do with Tokyo Ya going out of business, but if they did, they should be ashamed.

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