king wrong

There's no way an inflatable King Kong can bring in customers. I have never heard the words "hey look, a giant inflatable gorilla, let's go to that store."

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kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

The Art Relief show was a big success. Thanks to Joel Coon for putting it together. We raised over $5,000. Here is a link to photos from the show.

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she's a superfreak

I have this photo in a show on Saturday, November 12th. Art Relief Katrina is a silent art auction with all proceeds going to help out Gulf Coast charities who are assisting Katrina victims. My wife won't be there, but there should be other pretty stuff to look at.

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Chemical Valley 1986

My friend, Stephen Slappe, who lives in Portland (and happens to be a video artist) finally put up his new web site. Don't forget to click and check it out.

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