There's no place like home

The Lamplighter bar in Memphis: 3 hours, 3 people, 3 bags of chips, 7 beers, 50% tip = $15.

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Christmas is finally here. Did everyone get something good? I know I did. I just wish I could fit the tree under the mustard dispenser.

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Crazy-Eyez Killah

Only two days left until Christmas. You know that Santa who hates cheap families? This is him. I shot him in Beaver, UT (seriously). Don't make him come down your chimney.

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one, two, tree

Only three days left until Christmas. Get your beautiful, reasonably priced trees before it's too late. Remember, Santa hates cheap families who don't have trees.

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Old School iPod

I came across this vintage iPod in Oakland. Back in 1978, an iPod was the size of a Chevy van and came full of vinyl LPs. That same amount of music now fits in your pocket, and you don't need an oil change. Yay, technology!

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Oh dear, Book two

I am not usually into nature photos, but I was in the wilds of San Francisco and saw this deer. It must have been comfortable in its habitat and was so still while I took its picture. Is all nature photography this easy?

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crosstown traffic

A week or two back, I was in traffic similar to this coming home from Oakland via the Bay Bridge. Thanks for sucking, toll plaza.

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