Mullet Bucket

A Mullet is not only a type of fish, it is a hairstyle as well. I have seen Mullet the Fish in a bucket, but until recently had never seen Mullet the Hairstyle in a bucket.

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Plastic Surgery

I posted this photo back in May 2005. So what is it doing here again? It's in the Pure Plastic 2006 show tonight at the SF Photo Center (50 Scott Street) from 6:30-9pm. The group show consists of images taken with plastic lens cameras.

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XXXX Movies

Apparently Spaninsh adult movies are so sexy they need backwards letters to describe them. And quadruple-x? Do you have to approach these boxes with a nuclear hazard suit and lead sheild? I'm not going to find out.

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Kick out the jams

New shoes for me thanks to the wifey. Nice green and yellow. I should get this linoleum in my house so I can look this cool all the time.

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We spent our New Years Eve at our favorite place in SF, Emmy's Spaghetti Shack. We ate spaghetti, had some beer and played rock 'n' roll bingo. We didn't win at bingo, but we're all winners for making it to 2006, aren't we?

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