Leo Needs A New Pair Of Shoes

I ran across this photo I took ages ago. Lions loose in Memphis? Sort of. If you consider a lion head in a closet among lamps, shoes and ties "loose." That's all I can say about that.

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Jail Bait

Not everything is big in Texas. This mannequin at the Texas State Prison Museum is a little smaller (and a little freakier) than I thought a prison guard would be. The museum is really cool, so if you're ever in Huntsville, TX...

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Phoenix au printemps

It's the time of year where grown men play base-running games in Phoenix (spring training, dummy). Hot dogs, homeruns, green grass, awesome hair.

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four on the floor

Look out SF, something as big as the '89 quake is about to hit and it's called HANK IV. The live show is must see TV. The front man strikes poses and dances like he's having an acute disturbance of the central nervous system while the rest of the guys rock out with "panic-skiffle drum beats, dual-guitar histrionics and primitive craw-stick melodics." Don't miss the next show.

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