The Milkman cometh

Last night in SF at the Castro Theater they showed Harry Smith's Early Abstraction films. Amazing animated shorts from 1939-1949. The band Deerhoof played music to the films. It was really incredible. Sorry you missed it.

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The Newest In New

Well, lookie here. It's a brand new issue of my SADKIDS photo zine. Hot off the copier and delivered to you for only $5 postpaid! Check the shops (listed on the right) or email me for PayPal details. Only 75 copies (hand numbered).

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Who loves you baby?

Easter is almost here. Cadbury eggs, marshmallow peeps, hollow chocolate bunnies and salvation. What more could one ask for? Thanks Easter Bunny (and Jesus).

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RIP: Mission Bay Golf Center

All things that are fun must come to an end. The razing of the Mission Bay driving range is now complete. Making way (no doubt) for more high priced housing. That's what SF needs, right?

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