Going, Going, Goner

When in Memphis, go to the best record store on the Mississippi Coast, Goner Records. If you can't get to Memphis, visit them online. If you can't get to them online, you might as well jump out a window. Plus, I hear the Oblivians are bringing the music world back down to its knees. Pure genius.

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Memphis is Tops

A quick Memorial Day weekend trip to Memphis wouldn't have been the same without going to Tops and getting a BBQ pork swandwich, fries, strawberry soda and a glimpse of The King.

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So, Barry Bonds hit his 715th homerun today in SF. He didn't hit in in Oakland last weekend where I sat in the rain and watched my A's lose. I'll admit, with or without steroids hitting 715 is pretty impressive. If I didn't dislike Bonds and the Giants I might find it downright amazing. But, as my wife likes to point out "Marvin Benard (supposedly) took steroids and it didn't make him a better player!".

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metal head(less)

Sure he has trouble singing now but you know who doesn't care? His hipster, jazzbo, horn-playing monkey friend, that's who.

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30 Feet of Terror

Did you know there is a movie called King Cobra? How can a film about a team of scientists feeding aggression drugs to a half breed snake named Seth that escapes when the lab blows up and terroizes a small brewery town be listed as one of the worst films of all time?

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