memphis hair-club

I'm not saying you'd get a bad hairstyle if you went here, but it probably wouldn't look as good as the one on the window. Thanks again Memphis, you made my day.

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I wash myself with a rag on a stick

Um, who knew there was a song called "Redneck Yacht Club"? I didn't either until I googled it. It sucks so bad I am not even linking to it. Google it your damn self if you really want to hear it.

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Devil May Care

Holy Mole. One of the first LPs I ever bought was Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast". Should I mention that another one of the first records I bought was Phil Collins "No Jacket Required" - it was a long time ago... Check out this site about WWIII and the number of the beast. If nothing bad happens today we can all look back and laugh (at Phil Collins).

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