My Heart's The Bitter Buffalo

Alright, contest time. The first few people to tell me via email where this photo was taken gets a free copy (postage paid!) of Sadkids #3. The zines are running low so put on your thinking caps. Hint? Ok. It's somewhere in San Francisco.

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Hittin' Home Runs

This weekend is the big PhotoSF show at Fort Mason. Jun at Foto-Grafix Books was awesome enough to ask for copies of Sadkids #3 to hock at the show! Buy some zines and avoid indictment.

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Socrates drank here

Holy crap, were you aware that Hemlock (the poisonous plant) is from the Parsley family? I knew I couldn't trust that green, egg-topping bastard. Sitting there all sly on your plate like it has an agenda. And who was the sucker that found out which of those plants were the poison? Then there's The Hemlock Tavern. A non-poisonous place to see *cheap* shows, drink drinks and get hot peanuts.
Just watch out for Parsley.

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El Grupo de Photo

I got me a photo at this site called Group Show. It's a pretty rad monthly online show of up-and-coming (and established) photo peeps. Mighty nice folks too.

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it's all about Potrero

I have this here photo in a show at Farley's in Potrero Hill. The opening is this Saturday, June 8th from 3pm-6pm. There will be food and drinks. It should be up for a couple of weeks.

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Beer frames and bedposts

Get your mind out of the gutter, a bedpost is a 7-10 split - a.k.a. fence posts, mule ears, snake eyes - and it's damn ugly. Speaking of ugly (but awesome) if you haven't been to Brentwood Bowl in South SF, it's time to go.

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