The Perfect Season

When I moved to Miami years ago someone asked me if I ate Dolphin. I was shocked and said "no, how could you eat a Dolphin, that's terrible?" Then I found out that the Dolphin they were talking about was not a porpoise, but a fish in the Mahi Mahi family. Coincidentally, the is terrible too. They played it at the stadium when the Dolphins made a TD. No wonder they haven't won a SuperBowl since 1973.

dolphin on a wall
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The King is dead. Long live The King!

Elvis is everywhere, Elvis is everything, Elvis is everybody, Elvis is still the King.

velvet elvis
elvis coloring book
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Oh, Snap!

There are three things so right about this car. (1) Green, (2) Gold, (3) Oakland A's Sticker - OK, two more things (4) Caprice Classic and (5) Mirrored window tint. I don't have a car, but if I did...

oakland a's caprice classic
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And the answer is...

The buffalo photo was taken at . Since nobody guessed correctly, I will send a free zine to the first 3 people who email me (as a bonus for paying attention, of course).

grizzly beer
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