The bigger, the better

I don't just like my movies big, I like them HUGE! So, I am glad I found this place. I don't know if I should even share the location. It would be really sad if the last copy of sold out before I could get a copy.

Huge movies for sale
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The night time is the right time

Night photography and I have had our differences, but we seemed to come together on a few photos in Hawai'i. It's so nice and dark and clear and did I mention, in the middle of nowhere? The glowing clouds in the distance are from the lights in Hilo. Now, if only night photography and I could agree more often.

night shot of hilo
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Hustle and flow

Normally, there are 3 basic types of lava . We spotted a 4th kind of "neon" lava flowing on the side of a grocery store in Pahoa. The smoke in the photo below? Real lava flowing into the ocean! The reason we couldn't get closer? Because the land could have collapsed and we would have died.

neon lava
active lava flow
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What would tiger do?

Ever try to throw a rock in the air and hit it with a golf club? It's much harder to make contact than you'd think. Especially in the dark... and after a few drinks. I miss Hawai'i. (Photo of me by ).

rock hit 1
rock hit 2
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Crunked in Kilauea

The bus full of older, all female Japanese tourists at the Kilauea summit in the was almost as rad as the craters and lava itself. These ladies had steelo, rocking the super-fresh, orange Kangol caps.

Japanese tourists with orange Kangol caps
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Graffiti, Puna style

The Big Island of Hawai'i, on the Hilo side, is an awesome place to go. I guess anywhere tropical for an anniversary is good, but the Puna side has a slow pace and is not super touristy. With snorkeling, black sand beaches, volcanoes, cheap and rad farmers markets, how could you go wrong? I almost cried when we had to come home. On the Big Island, white coral rocks + black lava rock = natural graffiti. on the rocks
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