Pumpkin faces in the night

When I was much younger one of my favorite bands was . They sang the greatest songs about gore, ghouls, martians, monsters, devils, demons, vampires, virgin vixens, astro zombies, braineaters, hellhounds, jackals, psychos, brains, skulls, blood, guts, eyeballs, corpses, teenagers from Mars, children in heat, living dead, oblong boxes, TV, 3D movies, Vincent Price, Vampira, Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe, misery, all this horror business, and of course, Halloween. So is it any wonder I break out the old Misfits tunes when this time of your rolls around? Of course I am old and cranky now, so only the Misfits from 1977-1983 will do.

Plastic Pumpkins at night

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Post and Taylor

Robert "Bobby" Cook (a.k.a. C. Bobby), owner of one of SF's coolest bars, died last week from the Big C. Assuming the Owl Tree will remain open, stop by and raise a glass to the man who "never met an owl he didn't like." No matter what happens to the place, the corner of Post and Taylor will never be the same.

The Owl Tree 1
The Owl Tree 2
The Owl Tree 3

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Laughing all the way to the Hank

OK, so the A's aren't doing as well as I'd hoped, but you know who is doing well? My old pals ! Their new LP "Third Person Shooter" is coming out on next week and there is a release party this Friday the 13th at in SF. Why do I care so much? Because those are MY PHOTOS on the record sleeve. Yeah baby, I am on the front and back of 500 LP covers - limited edition, ya dig? The LP comes with a free CD inside, so even if you can't scratch the vinyl you can still hear the music. Get 'em quick.

Hank IV LP Cover

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After attending every postseason game in Oakland since 2001 (eight in total), the have FINALLY won the ALDS by sweeping the Minnesota Twins and are FINALLY moving on the . They are now a minimum of four games away from the World Series and my wife Sarah and I will be there for every home game to root them on. Let's go Oakland!

A's sweep Twins 1

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The bigger, the better part II

Dolly Parton has a near empire. A musical career that has spanned five decades, co-owner of and a chain of restaurants called where, for a mere $37 per person, you can sit on the side of the North or the South, get a hearty four course meal, see live music and horses, and even watch a herd of wild buffalo thunder through the building. It's "a fun-filled, action-packed Dinner and Show extravaganza for everyone!" Dolly should be the Queen of Tennessee.

Dolly Parton at Emmy's
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