Let them eat turkey

Giving big thanks to my sister for hosting Thanksgiving at her place in Salt Lake City this year. Super tasty eats and fun times for reals. Contrary to popular opinion, food is NOT saltier in Salt Lake City!

Thanksgiving Dinner

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Create and Destroy

Went to an art opening last Friday at in SF (is it still SF when it's that far out? I thought the city was in the ocean by then!) There I saw photos by Tobin Yelland and Dennis McGrath and listened to the music of one of my childhood skateboard heroes turned musician, . He improvised some sweet guitar sounds with the help of his friends; mr bass player, mr sampler, mr pedal, and mr dj. Good stuff. Thanks Tommy.

DJ on turntables
Tommy Guerrero on guitar

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Rolling Deep: PDX Style

My Greater Northwest Connection is showing some rad old skateboarding films at the in Portland on Thurdsay night. I hear the 7pm show is all ages and the 9pm show is for the adults and will have older person drinks available. Check it out - if it does well, he brings it to other cities (SF is on the list!).

Rolling Deep

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Time to get cracking

Went to the for a friends birthday on Friday night. It's the oldest restaurant in SF - at the same location - and has been there since 1861. It used to be on the waterfront but is now a mile inland. Same location but now a mile inland you ask? It's not because they moved the building, but because they moved the water! . Best menu item: Clam Strips. Best bar patron: the drunkard who did 9 shots and fell asleep in a chair while resting a "how in the hell is he holding onto that beer and not dropping it" bottle of beer on his leg.

Old Clam House
Time To Get Cracking

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The Graduate

I have a photo in a show in Memphis (the one that's in Tennessee, next to the big river) on Saturday, November 11th. If you are in or around downtown, stop by and check me out. Vote me Most Popular in '06. Or vote for someone else, whatever. But if you do vote for me I'll sign your yearbook. KIT!

Class of '06

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