The night before Christmas

was afraid I wouldn't make five posts in five days but I technically made it since it's before midnight on the west coast. We're watching the season one DVD that I got for a present - thanks to my brother-in-law Peter! Merry Christmas to some, happy holidays to the rest.

Chalkware Santa

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Double or Nothing

Work really took it out of me yesterday so guess what? I missed a post. So, I'll make it a double today. This is what Christmas looks like in San Francisco, a tree in a window near downtown and a graffiti-style Santa painted on the side of a trailer. Thanks to work, the podcast is also delayed. Cross your fingers and it may be up in a couple of days.

Tree at the St. Regis
Graffiti Santa

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White Bread

Another holiday photo, also from Portland. There is a ton of crazy stuff painted on the windows of this bread factory. There is also a giant rotating loaf of bread on the roof of the place. We peeked inside and saw lots of bread loaves taking a long ride on a conveyer belt. It looked like the people working inside were bored. At least everytime they look out the windows they can see cute bears, Santa Claus and caricature of their boss wishing a "Merry Christmas" to everyone driving by. I'm sure it makes the employees hate their jobs a little less, right? Holiday post number three tomorrow. And maybe a podcast...

Xmas bear painted on a window

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You Sleigh Me

Apologies for the bad pun. I simply couldn't resist. I took this shot in Portland while walking around some neighborhood somewhere or another. Not the most awesome display of Christmas spirit what with the extension cord and tree stump. But, I'll give an A for effort. Okay, only five days until Christmas and I will try to post a holiday related photo every day until then. Five posts in five days? Can it be done? I seriously doubt it, but I'll try...

Xmas Light Display

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Bowl Me Over

The days of 7-10 splits, benders, blowouts, creepers, curves, fouls, keglers, kingpins, perfect games, spares, strikes and turkeys are over at Grand Central Bolwing in Portland. This tile mural was one of my favorite things I saw while visiting Portland. The inside of the building is gutted and will become who-knows-what. Hopefully they can spare the mural.

Grand Central Bowling Mural

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The Bronx Is Up and I'm Brooklyn Down

Calling all New Yorkers, I have a photo on display in Brooklyn's . The exhibition (up now) is called "New in Town: Pinned Up" and is put on by the great people at . It's an exhibition of photographs by new, emerging photographers and is the first physical show by .

All work is under $300 and the Artist Reception and closing party is: Saturday, December 16, 7-11pm | The Gallery at 3rd Ward | 195 Morgan Avenue | Brooklyn, NY, 11237

Merry Xmas at the Flea Market

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Ground Kontrol To Captain Kirk

Just got back from a rad weekend in Portland. Went to the greatest bar ever called . It's chock full of video games, pinball machines and beer. All the oldies and goodies. Galaga, Joust, Space Invaders, Dig-Dug, Centipede, Gorf, Spy Hunter, Pole Position... Sorry SF, we can't pay your parking meters anymore - we used all our quarters in Portland!

Star Trek Pinball

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I Got You Babe

Who says that San Jose has nothing cool? They have a hockey team, a Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, the Winchester Mystery House and most importantly, a named Babe.

Babe the Muffler Man

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