Look Mom, It's Snowing!

Guess where I am this week? Three hints. It's cold. It's snowing. It's not San Francisco. The last time I saw snow was over 2 years ago on a business trip to Denver. I think I really like snow because I don't have to live with it (in case you haven't heard, SF doesn't get snow - but what a mess if it did!). Thank the Lord for the occasional business trip or I'd never get to enjoy it.

Snow on 56th
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Memphis vs. San Francisco

Saturday night, a sold out crowd at the Hemlock Tavern bore witness to a well deserved San Francisco thumping. Already a Memphis garage punk veteran at twenty-something, gave it to SF as he tore through a 30 minute set with a ferocity not seen on the West Coast since I don't know when. Best punk show west of the Mississippi since the Sex Pistols played Winterland?

Jay Reatard at the Hemlock
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United States Of Memphis III

There is a cozy midtown-house-turned-bar in Memphis called (since 1967!). We went to meet our friends and and saw a band called . The were totally kick-ass. There was some jerk kid running the door who was not affiliated with the Buc. He had volunteered to be the door guy and in true pirate nature he absconded with the bands money. The Buc is also one of the venues for the . My only complaint (other than them being out of Jack and a few of my beer choices) is they got rid of the pinball machine. The game itself sucked but the good part is it would talk when idle. I loved hearing the deep-voiced fat guy character beckoning you to play by saying "you wanna mouse around?"

Buccaneer Door
Buccaneer Fireplace

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United States Of Memphis II

It's not a trip to Memphis without stopping by the for a few drinks and some jukeboxing. Legend has it that Memphis photographerused to pay his bar tabs with photographs. Legend aside, it is an actual fact that the "Lived In Bars" video was filmed in there. The video is directed by Robert Gordon and features hanging with Mr. Eggleston and a few other notable Memphians.

Lamplighter Ceiling
Lamplighter Jukebox

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United States Of Memphis

There are tons of great bars in Memphis and theis one of them. I think I'll post a few photos of Memphis bars in the coming days. Memphis is the land of the forgotten last call. Where bars can stay open all hours and the smoke inside them will burn your eyes so badly you will be wishing you were chopping onions instead of drinking until 4am. Where the jukeboxes are so good you will want to smash your iPod with disgust, because it can't deliver the sweet, warm, soulful tunes that emanate from the old speakers of the dollar bill eating box in the corner.

HiTone Flags

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