Partly Cloudy

On my way home from the disintegrating piers I saw this old Econoline Van. I love these vans, and what made it better was that someone thought highly enough of it to paint a cloud on the side. At least I think it's a cloud. I see these clouds all over SF. Most of the ones I've spotted have been on the sides of delivery trucks that are parked on the street overnight. I think this particular van is probably someones home.

Cloud Graffiti on an Econoline Van
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Macho Pork Roast

Here is the perfect example of the graffiti I didn't understand. What is macho pork roast and why is it being shot from a gun? I kind of get it because the banner next to it asks "does the fronting ever stop?" But, for the most part when I think about it too hard, my brain hurts. I also the words as a phrase and as of now it doesn't exist on the internet. Once it gets picked up by google it should be the first and only entry for it. Until someone else figures out it's magical healng powers and starts using the phrase. And believe me, it's hard not to.

Macho Pork Roast
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You're Grounded

I was down by the SF bay at one of those old, junked up docks at China Basin and spotted some pretty cool graffiti on the ground. There was a lot of different art there and I couldn't tell if it was done by the same person or not. I didn't understand some of it but it was all pretty interesting. It was getting dark so I used a flash and think the results came out nicely. This green bonehead was one of my favorite pieces.

Green Guy
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The Jerk Store

You know those junk shops that call themselves antique stores and they charge a ton of money for things that would be a lot more appealing if they were in good condition and a lot cheaper and the guy behind the counter wasn't some crazy jerk who thinks he has a lot of great stuff and is a total ass when you ask him how much something is because no one ever buys anything for his insane prices and he is tired of answering the question?

Olde Printe
Horse Pillow
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The Prisoner

I went to New York for my job and for the first 2 days I was holed up in an apartment in the West Village. I left the apartment once or twice to get food or to buy a stapler or some ChapStick. It was a comfortable place and once in a while I'd look up from my computer screen and stare out the window. Let me just say (even though it's super pedestrian), the banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery is heaven in a bowl (though the cupcakes are way overrated) and the staplers from Typewriters 'n Things work perfectly.

Tree in the West Village
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The Deep Freeze

Somehow I missed the New York that was 70 degrees last month and went to the New York that was below freezing last week. Being from sunny CA means I'm not used to the chilly weather. I think the coldest temps I'd ever experienced were probably in the high teens. The trip was awesome though. Once my work obligations were over my wife and I met up with some and did a bunch of great stuff over the weekend. Look for a few more pics to be posted in the coming days.

Empire State from Chelsea
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