There are some things I never expected to try - possibly because I never knew they existed or maybe because I never had the opportunity. So when the occasion struck in Tokyo my guide and I found a street vendor and I tried something new. . Thank heaven they are just shaped like balls and not really "balls." I gotta say, they are dang tasty. I think the official name is Takoyaki but who cares. It's much more fun to tell people you "ate octopus balls."

Tokyo street vendor
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More good stuff from Tokyo. Characters everywhere. This is the orange elephant with green paws, (pads?, feet? whatever elephants have, his are green). I can't find the back story of , but I know he has a pink-colored female counterpart named Satoko-Chan and they are mascots for the Sato Pharmaceutical company. Awesome.

Sato-Chan, Orange Elephant
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The cats nya nya

In Japan the cats don't say "meow" they say "nya nya". There are also cartoon characters for everything. I have no idea what most of them are for. Sometimes they make total sense and sometimes it's like, hey, what the hell does that even mean?

Cats on a truck in Tokyo
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Tokyo yoyo

I spend a lot of time in the hotel when on a business trip. Mostly working but also doing a lot of staring out the window trying to figure out where I want to go when I have a few minutes of free time. Here is the view I am looking at. Tokyo seems huge. It goes on and on and on. I can't wait to get out and explore.

Hotel View
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Turning Japanese

OK, so the other big reason I haven't posted is because (drumroll, plese) I'm in the fabulous land of Japan. I just got in today - there is a 16 hour time difference after an 11 hour flight. My body is not going to be happy. It's a work related trip but hopefully I'll have some free time to check out Tokyo. Here is the plane TV map and a photo of the horse we rode in on.

Airplane route map
747 at Narita Airport, Tokyo
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Been bad about posting new photos, but when you hear why you'll forgive me (well, maybe). Last week we were in Phoenix and caught a few spring training baseball games. The weather was perfect and there's nothing better to nerd out on than baseball (well, maybe). One of the great things about Phoenix is people watching. It wouldn't have been the same without this guys shirt (well, maybe).

Thank God I'm Frank T-Shirt
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