Dirty Poncho

Saturday night at Delta of Venus in Davis, California was a 7-inch record release party for the new single "Dirty Poncho." A while back I shot the awesome and a few months later a single was born. I am being a total shill here but you need to know that there are only 100 hand-numbered on colored vinyl. The rest of the limited run is on black vinyl. Get it quick at because EVERYTHING on this label sells out. Destined to be a classic. It's dang amazing.

Tamara Lee in a Dirty Poncho
HANK IV Merch table
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Who's The Boss?

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. wrote many a great book. I don't read much anymore but when I did read a lot his books were among my favorites. In fact, I read so infrequently now my wife kindly refers to me as "functionally illiterate." Nice, dear. My point is, in the movie "Men In Black" there is a housewife character by the name of "Beatrice." It is in reference to a character in a Vonnegut novel called "The Sirens of Titan." I am sad that Kurt Vonnegut is dead, and even though I have forgotten how to read, I have good memories of his stories. But I am happy that Tommy Lee Jones went on from his successful role in the movie "Men In Black" to his successful role of selling coffee in Japan. Don't look so mad TLJ, you're the Boss!

Tommy Lee Jones Boss Coffee
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Peace Out

The Easter photo I planned on using was a victim of a film camera gone bad. At least half of the photos in my analog camera were ruined due to a malfunctioning shutter. It included a bunch of pics I shot in Japan. Luckily I had my digital there to back me up. Unluckily I saved some of the best shots for film. But I'm not bitter (yes I am). Anyway, I know this photo would be more appropriate for Christmas, but since this building is about to be torn down and this rad mosaic will soon be gone I decided to post it now.

Jesus and Mary Tile Mural
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Shakey Johnson

I can't think of the last time I saw (or even thought of) . Imagine my surprise when, of all places, I found one on Omotesando in Harajuku (next to the 6 story toy store called Kiddy Land). And imagine my further surprise when, upon extensive Shakey's research, I learned that co-founder Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson got his nickname due to the nerve damage caused by malaria he contracted in World War II. Can that story be real? Poor Shakey. I've heard of egg on your face, but egg on your pizza? What?

Shakey's Pizza in Tokyo
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