Hooray for Our World

Hooray for PhotoAlliance and the SFAC Gallery for putting on a big show at SF City Hall *TONIGHT* (Tuesday, July 31). Hooray that they picked 4 of my photos for the show. Hooray for my friend Ian Lemmonds who made this snazzy animated gif with one of the photos I'm showing.

Indian Portrait
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Hang 'Em High

My compulsion to photograph lamps of the hanging variety continues. Here is my latest. A colored-glass monstrosity somewhere in the depths of southern Oregon. One of the best junk shops I've been in, one of the worst for finding anything I'd remotely be interested in buying. Maybe the Steam Facial machine would have been a worthwhile purchase? Too bad I'll never know.

Hanging Lamps
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The Country Garden

Ever been within 300 feet of a restaurant that looked so gross and thought you might get food poisoning just by proximity? These figures were in the window of that restaurant. This place had been there for a lifetime and the "new" owners took over the joint 27 years ago. I bought a coke in a can from the lady who ran the place for 60 cents. And people think you can't get a good deal these days.

Chinese Figures
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The Game

No posts for days. Sorry. Just had one seriously long work week. Has anyone ever worked 32 hours straight? I have. I did get to sleep for 2 hours in the middle of it so I guess it would be two 15-hour shifts back-to-back. Speaking of back-to-back, how about that AL? Winning the All-Star Game back-to-back x 10? SF did such a nice job with the whole thing. We're so proud of our awesome little city.

All-Star Game 2007
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The Home Run Derby was a lot of fun, although not as much fun for the people in the cove (only one foul ball went into the water). Some friends were telling us the other day about Reggie Jackson's short lived brodacast career in Anaheim. One (or more?) of his homerun calls consisted of the words "Ba-Boom-Ba, he hit a cookie!" I feel no other description can highlight the derby any better than that.

Home Run Derby 2007
Home Run Derby 2007
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Ladies and Gentlemen, The 78th All-Star Game

Lookie what I got. A pair of ticket strips for me and Sarah to the All-Star Game in SF on Tuesday. Monday is the Homerun Derby. Persistence pays because it took me months to get them. We can't wait to go. It's the first time I've had the opportunity in all my years on earth. It's going to be freakin awesome.

All-Star Tickets
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Let The Eagles Soar

Noboy's as patriotic this 4th of July as Yreka, CA. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR eagles! Count 'em. I thought John Ashcroft said it best with his song Let The Eagle Soar, but I think Yreka may have him beat. Happy birthday America.

Eagles, Yreka, CA
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Junkyard Gang

No updates for a while because I've been busy getting artwork ready for two upcoming shows and have been on a road trip. We found this awesome bus graveyard somewhere between SF and Portland. No fence, no dogs, no "no trespassing" signs, yes lots of spiders, yes feral cats and yes walk around and take lots of photos.

Bus Graveyard, Williams, CA
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