I rejoice that there are owls

Or so said Henry David Thoreau.

Owls and wallpaper
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Boot Scootin Turntable

Before Radio Shack became rebranded and cool(?) and expensive it was a destination for nerds and people who wanted cheap products and stupid (read: fun) science kits. They had an awesome, crappy brand called Realistic. Just look at this two-steppin cowboy turntable. Looks more like the top of a birthday cake. Believe me, you won't find anything like this at Radio Shack these days. Recently, a friend who will go unnamed, (Stephen) went to Radio Shack to buy some S-Video cables for an art installation. The cheapest they had were their new "Gold Standard" brand cables for $25 each (he later found similar cables online for $5). Booo new Radio Shack.

Realistic Cowboy Record Player
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Stupid Hot

One of my favorite things in the world is stupid packaging. It's hard to spot it when it's new, but once it's been around a while it is easier to see. It's like a bad hairdo or some awful fad that is not so evident at the time, but once there is some distance from it you likely say, "what the hell was I (or hopefully what were they) thinking!" So I stumble upon the Hot Electric Tray, and even though it's not the dumbest packaging I've ever seen, it makes you wonder, if you bought a hot electric plate, would you be as happy as the people on the package? "Life is so much easier now. We have time to drink our Chianti AND keep our food warm. We love you hot electric plate!"

Cornwall, Hot Electric Tray
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Oregon Trifecta

Had another great weekend visiting Portland. The AC/VC art show was great, we ate some awesome food, and on Saturday we ran across a Skate Contest at Pier Park. We watched Sergie Ventura do some amazing stuff at the deep end of the 11 1/2 foot pool and there were some 13 year old kids who were as good as the guys who were skating before they were even born. Way better than I ever was or ever would have been. Man, if only they had this many skateparks when I was a kid!

Sergie Ventura
13 Year Old McTwist
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AC/VC Show : Portland

This is one of the photos I have in a show in Portland this weekend. I printed them huge (24" x 36"). The opening is Friday, August 8th at the AudioCinema warehouse from 6pm-2am (226 Se Madison St.) It's a nice big show with lots of beer, music and good looking art. Come by and say hi. My beautiful wife Sarah will be there and my good friends Samantha Wall and Stephen Slappe also have pieces in the show.

Glittery Guitar
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