Just got back from a jam-packed birthday weekend in Memphis. I got to shoot at GonerFest and got a ton of great pics. 5 days, dozens of great bands, incredible. Thanks Eric and Zac! Here are a few shots of Jay Reatard from Thursday night.

Jay Reatard at the HiTone 1
Jay Reatard at the HiTone 2
Jay Reatard at the HiTone 3
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Village Music part III / Great Crash of 2007

My computer hard drive totally died earlier this week. I am still cobbling back together all of the programs and settings I had - what a pain in my ass. It was a brand new Mac laptop and I killed it in less than a year. I thought these photos were gone - three cheers for backing up important files! Nothing ever lasts as long as it should. Hank Williams only lasted 29 years and Village Music only lasted 30.

Hank Williams Display
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Village Music part II

16 more days until the Village Music is closed. I'm telling you, Mill Valley is beautiful, but a pretty dull place overall. After this place is gone I can't see much of a reason to venture up there.

Village Music Junk
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Village Music

Rolling Stone claims that 36 percent of the record shops in the US have closed since 2003. Village Music in Mill Valley (just north of SF) is yet another casualty. It's more than just a record store, it's a museum of memorabilia too. To commemorate the closing of the 30 year old shop, DJ Shadow is spinning records daily from the stores massive collection. If you are in the Bay Area, be sure to stop by before the last day on September 30th. It's worth the trip.

Piture Discs
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Love and Marriage

Three years ago today I was sweating my butt off in the Memphis heat, waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle. Man, did she look goooooooooooood!!! (Still does)! Glad I suckered her into marrying me, it's been great so far. Happy anniversary to us!

Will You Marry Me?
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