Exploring around the Kona side of Hawaii last month I found an old general store with a really crazy looking pharmacy inside. The woman behind the counter wouldn't let me take her photo, but she was even more interesting than all the kooky stuff around the counter. Speaking of awesome, my NYC friend Jon Feinstein finally has a site. He better get to the pharmacy soon because his images are sick!

Pharmacy in Kona, Hawaii
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Super Duper

I took this photo at Super 7 in Japantown a while back. Sarah loves it and I love her so I am posting it.

Super 7 in SF
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Adding Insult to Injury

As you know, Robyn Color lab is closed. I am still grieving. So, looking for a new alternative, I took a roll of color film to a new-to-me place to have it processed. It was a roll I'd been working on for a few months, selectively shooting the best color scenery I could find. So it almost killed me when the lab accidentally processed my color film in black and white chemicals. To boot, I got a color print made and it just didn't have the pop that the same print I had made at Robyn did. I will stop crying about Robyn when I find a new place. Until then...

Black and White that was supposed to be color
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2007 Phlean Art Award in Photography

I am one of the winners of this year's Phelan Art Award in Photography and the show is TONIGHT (11/1) at SF Camerawork. The other two winners are Walt Odets and Apollonia Morrill. The show will be up through November 17th. Come check it out!

Dolly Behind a Curtain
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