Mexi Christmas

Sayulita is awesome, but favor de no tocar Santa Claus. Gracias.

Santa Claus, Sayulita, Mexico
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Went to the coolest book store in Paris called The Lazy Dog. Design books, art books, zines (including Sadkids), posters, t-shirts, toys, magazines and even an art gallery downstairs. Showing now is work by artist SO ME. Very cool backlit pieces with so much color your head will spin.

The Lazy Dog, Paris
The Lazy Dog, Paris
The Lazy Dog, Paris
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Space Invaded

There are hundreds of tile mosaic Space Invaders pasted up on buildings all over Paris. The tile mosaics are based on characters from classic video games of the 70s/80s. The tiles represent pixels that would make up the graphics of the game characters. In our short amount of time out and about we've already seen four mosaics. Click for more info here and here.

Space Invaders, Paris
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Guess where we are playing tourist this week? Three hints. 1) The people here speak French. 2) The dollar isn't worth anything. 3) It's Paris. Sarah and I went to the Arc de Triomphe yesterday. Who knew a national monument could be so cool? More to come soon.

Sarah at the Arc de Triomphe, Paris
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December SPIN

What? Another photo of Jay Reatard on my site? Yes. So many in fact that the photos have spilled out into the print world. Page 136 of the December issue of SPIN magazine has a great feature on the Memphis music scene and there is a photo of Jay that I took at Gonerfest back in September. This shot is from the secret show he played at the Knockout in SF with Hank IV. Man, I could follow Jay around and see him play every day.

Jay Reatard @ the Knockout, SF
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